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Welcome to the Found Cottage.

We are excited to welcome you to now experience our shop from your home. We have been working hard behind the scenes during this unprecedented time to make this happen and we appreciate your support.

We cannot wait to welcome you back with open arms to our brick and mortar shop but until then pour yourself another hot cup of coffee, snuggle up on your couch and browse all of our favorite finds in  home, clothing, gifts, and more.

We are so grateful for you,

Liz, Lisa and Abby

Hello friends

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I just keep finding special and unique items at this charming little store. I know when I need a great gift or just something to freshen up the look of my home that I will find it here !


Kim Dykman

I've been looking toward to visiting for about a year and finally did today. The shop was way bigger than expected. I toured around twice to take it in before going around a third time to shop. What an absolutely beautiful store and friendly staff. It beyond lived up to my expectations. Congratulations on such a lovely shop!


Emma Nicholson

A beautiful place.
I made a special trip to visit and so glad I did.


Michelle Collier

kind words